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About Us

CHOLEV LTD is a Bulgarian private company specialized in the production of luxury plastic packaging for white and color cosmetics. The long-standing market experience and the results of the company activities rank us among the market leaders. Our activities cover the whole range - from the initial concept, design and production of the matrix to the realization of the final product.

In our factory we produce annually an average of over 4 000000 jars and in smaller quantities cases for lipstick, boxes for eye shadows, blush, powder and fresheners, and the capacities are twice as large. Since 2002 we have organized the production of principally new packaging for cosmetics and have tried to replace the import needs of such in the Bulgarian market.
The whole business of the company is focused on a single scope and territory of activity.

Present are ongoing efforts for management optimization and production management, for technology development and continuous expansion of the product structure. The operating profit is reinvested in full in the development of basic funds, in renovating the machinery and instrumental park, in building professional workforce, in the development of marketing and trading activity. All structural transformations in time are dictated by our desire to always meet the needs of the market with high competitive level of the products offered. Thanks to the right technological, human resource, marketing and innovation policy, today the company produces finished products with raw materials of the world famous manufacturers: BASF, Bayer, Leonard Kurz, Daw Chemical. Our clients are leading Bulgarian cosmetic companies and many international manufacturers of cosmetic products.

CHOLEV LTD is a modern company that constantly strives to increase the professionalism of its staff, to improve the conditions of the working environment and to develop the desire for high quality of the production process. We are open to our clients and we are ready to meet their specific requirements with their achievements in the field of packaging.

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